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Club History
The Rio Grande Valley Golden Retriever Club was whelped at 7:30 pm on the 13th of January, 1981, with a litter of seventeen healthy and hardy charter members. Their hopes were to mature into an organization of life long friends dedicated to the protection and perfection of Golden Retrievers.

The membership designed a logo which outlines a Golden Retriever and the flight of eighteen geese. The geese symbolize the seventeen charter members. The eighteenth, in the foreground, represents a man who will always be an inspiration to all of us, Lowell Stouder, who passed away before the Club became a reality.

In 1986, we were sanctioned by The American Kennel Club (AKC), and became a member club of the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA).

Club Activities
The Club sponsors and participates in many varied activities. These are designed to accomplish one or more of the following objectives:
  1. Increase member's knowledge.
  2. Perform a community service.
  3. Train members.
  4. Train member's dogs; demonstrate competence.
  5. Promote public awareness of the Golden Retriever breed.
  6. Raise funds for club projects.
  7. Rescue homeless Goldens.
  8. Have fun with our Goldens!
Programs at our meetings include guest speakers, obedience or tracking demonstrations, training or conformation films, grooming clinics and much more. Fun events include fun matches, pot luck dinners, holiday parties and more. Contact the Membership Chairperson for further information.
club activities
Field Activities
Field Demo
The Golden Retriever was originally bred as a hunting retriever for both upland game, and water fowl. Today, a retriever's hunting abilities can be demonstrated through various field competitions. For the dog that excels in these activities the titles of WC (Working Certificate), WCX (Working Certificate Excellent), JH (Junior Hunter), SH (Senior Hunter), MH (Master Hunter), AFC (Amateur Field Champion), and FC (Field Champion) are possible. Several of the RGVGRC members are active in field work and are available to guide new members in the training of their Goldens.
Obedience Training
The obedience trial is a test of a dog's performance of specific exercises. Dogs are judged only on how well they perform, and not on how well they conform to the standard for their breed. Dogs with faults that disqualify them from competition in conformation shows may still compete, in obedience trials, provided they are purebred registered dogs and are not blind, deaf, lame, or altered in any way that is not acceptable for their particular breed. Spayed and neutered dogs are permitted in obedience trials.
The agility trial is a test of a dog / handler team's ability to successfully navigate courses over and through a variety of obstacles. Teamwork is critical to success in this venue. Spayed and neutered dogs are permitted in agility trials. Through sponsored AKC events, teams can demonstrate their expertise and can earn a variety of titles:
  • Novice Agility (NA)
  • Novice Agility - Jumpers (NAJ)
  • Novice FAST (NF)
  • Open Agility (OA)
  • Open Agility - Jumpers (OAJ)
  • Open FAST (OF)
  • Excellent Agility (AX)
  • Excellent Agility - Jumpers (AXJ)
  • Excellent FAST (XF)
Teams having earned the titles listed above can go on to earn Masters titles and multiple levels of MACH (Master Agility Champion) titles. Given the Golden's all-around ability, athleticism, and joy at working with their person, it is no surprise that they excel at agility
Agility Training
Agility Training
Tracking is one of the truly enjoyable experiences you have the opportunity to share with your Golden. During AKC competitive trails, two judges preside. The dog wears a harness, with the handler somewhere between the 20 foot and 40 foot leash. Objective: dog using his sense of scent to find an article, or articles, and return them, to the handler on a trail laid by a stranger, with turns to the right and left, a certain number of yards from start (at one or two flags) to the finish.
Showing Goldens
The conformation show is often compared to a beauty contest. Every recognized breed of purebred dogs has an official 'standard' which describes the ideal dog of that breed. In the show, the dogs are judged on how well they conform to the standard for their breed. They are judged standing, and in motion for correct structure, gait, and temperament, with emphasis on the things stressed in that particular breed's standard. Spayed or neutered dogs are not permitted in a conformation show. Our Club proudly boasts many champions to date!
The breeder of quality Golden Retrievers will strive to improve the breed with every litter they produce. RGVGRC members are ready and willing to help you with any questions, problems, or more detailed information. As Golden Retriever owners, let us remember that the betterment of the breed is in our hands.
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